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Switch from MyndLift and Save!

The most cost effective Neurofeedback Platform available

The Divergence Advantage

The Most Affordable Solution Around

Divergence offers the most cost-effective remote, cloud-based neurofeedback platform on the market today!

Our customers save anywhere from 20-50% annually when compared against our leading competitor1. We only make you pay for what you need and we don’t charge you usage fees. So, you’ll have the comfort of knowing exactly what your monthly or annual fees will be.

Divergence Competitive Price Comparison
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Easy to Use, High Quality Devices

We have partnered with the best EEG hardware manufacturers in the world to bring you simple to use devices that don’t require messy and cumbersome pastes and gels. Our partners also boast extremely low device failure and return rates, better signal quality and broader frequency ranges, making our combined solution extremely easy to use, worry-free and more robust!

Besides mobile and wireless EEG devices, your clients will also be able to use the smart phones and tablets that they already have! They’ll simply download and use the Dive mobile app for a seamless neurofeedback training experience.

Low Cost Hardware with Affordable Purchase and Rental Models

Our hardware partners offer high quality EEG devices at very affordable prices that cover a variety of use cases, price points and customer requirements. Simply choose the right device(s) for your clients based on their training and affordability needs.

Not only are the devices cost effective but they are available to purchase or rent in a number of different ways. For example, clients can use their Healthcare Spending Account (HSA) to purchase a new BrainBit device or they can rent a Flex or Headband from BrainBit. Alternatively, Neurosity, BrainBit and Callibri devices can all be paid for in installments.

It has never been easier to afford remote, at-home neurofeedback!

Supported Third Party Devices
Divergence Hardware Buy-back Program - see website for terms and conditions

We'll Buy Back your old Muse devices

At Divergence, we want to make it as easy as possible for you and your clients to switch over. If you’re an existing MyndLift customer, for a limited time, we’ll buy back your and your clients’ old Muse devices at a price of $150 each2.

We understand that it isn’t easy letting go of old devices that you paid good money for. So, sell your old devices to us and we’ll take care of disposing of them.

Reach out today to find out more about the program and how it works!

Legal Notes and Disclaimers:

  1. Based on data obtained from third party sources as of June 20, 2023. All pricing and savings are approximate figures and are not guaranteed to be accurate for all customer situations and use cases.
  2. Divergence will purchase up to 100 Muse 2 and/or Muse S devices across all Customers that choose to take advantage of this offer. Devices must be in good condition and proven to work when connected to the Muse or MyndLift apps. Divergence reserves the right to return the device and not provide the reimbursement to the Customer should it be determined, in our sole discretion, that the device is not functional or is in poor condition. Divergence will reimburse the Customer for any Muse devices that are bought back. Any Clients of Customers wishing to take advantage of this offer must speak with their care provider (Divergence Customer) to have it returned to the care provider’s office for testing and shipping to Divergence. Customers must arrange with their Clients how reimbursement will be handled. Customers are responsible for all shipping and handling charges. This offer is valid only for new Divergence Customers who’s account has been activated after May 1, 2024. Customer must provide documentation that they are an existing MyndLift customer prior to taking advantage of this offer.
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