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Employee Wellness Solution

Help your workforce reduce stress and improve cognitive function.

Enable simple neuro-powered exercises that improve employee mental health and workplace satisfaction.

Expert-Designed Program

The Divergence Neuro Employee Wellness Solution uses research-backed, simple exercises that have been crafted by experts in the field of neuro science. These exercises are based in neurofeedback techniques which are proven to effectively address mental health challenges in the workplace like stress, anxiety, and focus.

Help your employees reduce stress and increase mental wellness through expert-crafted neuro exercises!

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The Pod

The Employee Wellness Pod consists of the Divergence Neuro software, a wireless EEG headset as well as a mobile device like a tablet or mobile phone. We’ve even designed an optional egg chair integrated with fully immersive sound experience that you can have delivered and set up in your office to provide a space of serenity and focus for your employees.

Provide a unique employee wellness experience that will set you apart from your competitors!

The Science

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive technology-based therapy that has been used to improve cognitive function and reduce stress for the past two decades.


It uses a brain computer interface (BCI) to detect electrical brain activity in real-time and train the brain to respond to defined frequencies that are calming and stabilizing for the nervous system.

The therapeutic application of neurofeedback has been used for conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, addictions, trauma, as well as peak performance for musicians, athletes and business leaders.


Bring the power of these therapeutics to your workforce today!

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Measurable Returns

Our Employee Wellness Solution includes a dashboard for HR professionals. This allows you to track usage of the solution, add or remove wellness questionnaires and to download aggregated data to be correlated to any existing HR statistics in a way that is secure and respectful to the privacy of your employees.

Compare your turnover, employee morale, and other wellness measures with a few simple clicks to see your return on mental health investments!

Like to know how you can improve employee wellness?

Reach out to learn more about how we can implement the Divergence Employee Wellness Solution for your team.

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