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Neurofeedback anywhere, anytime.

Improve patient outcomes with remote, cloud-based neurofeedback!

Amplify Your Impact with Our Remote Neurofeedback Solution

Neurofeedback from Anywhere

Treat and communicate from anywhere at any time, thanks to our intuitive, user-friendly cloud technology.

More Confident Patients

Quantify the impact of each patient’s treatment plan, so they can see their progress and continue with confidence.

Cost-effective Technology

We lead the market with the most cost-effective neurofeedback solutions on a per patient basis.

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Expand your Practice

  • Program, treat, and track progress anywhere, anytime
  • Many modes of effective training, one single app
  • Easily develop personalized programs for your patients
  • Cost effective solution to scale your remote offerings

Customize Treatment Protocols

With therapy, there is no “one-size-fits-all” treatment plan. We let you define protocols according to your clients’ needs, and work with their brains more effectively.

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Focus Protocol Execution - iPhone

High-Quality, Sensitive Feedback

The dynamic feedback experience in the Dive app powered by customized sound and engaging animation ensures that your clients stay engaged with the training. Clinically tested, highly sensitive protocols produce feedback that validates client’s felt sense in real time.

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Seemlessly Integrates with Neurosity Crown

Neurosity Crown
Neurosity Crown

Compact, portable, and user-friendly EEG device

Dry, wireless electrodes, no more gel, cap, or wires

Hi-fidelity signal, low noise, quality source data

Real-time cloud based streaming low latency

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Client with Neurosity Crown (front)
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Seemlessly Integrates with BrainBit Headband

Compact, portable, and user-friendly EEG device

Dry, Bluetooth wireless electrodes, no more gel, cap, or wires

Hi-fidelity signal, low noise, quality source data

Light-weight and comfortable form factor

More Quality EEG Devices Are Coming!

Trusted by Professionals

Jeff Tarrant

Dr. Jeff Tarrant
Director, NMI

At the NeuroMeditation Institute, we teach 5 styles of meditation that can be trained with EEG biofeedback. Traditionally this has required meeting in person with a NMI coach, which is cumbersome and expensive. Divergence has provided the solution to this problem with an easy-to-use home training platform that allows me to send protocols and view client results instantaneously from anywhere in the world.

Conni Andersen

Conni Krarup Andersen

Even though Denmark is a small country, we have distances to our locations that are too much for our customers to drive. We use Divergence to provide a remote neurofeedback training option to patients anywhere in the country.

Henrik Jungabale

Dr. Henrik Jungabale
CEO, OVID Health

Working together with Divergence, we now have access to the technology and expertise in the field of neurofeedback and a promising tool for patient journey assessment. Utilizing digital interventions, we will focus on further developing the tools crucial to supporting our patients long after they have finished therapy.

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