The Divergence Culture

Curious. Open. Gritty. Agile.

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We value curiosity, openness, grit, and agility as the core tenants of our team’s culture.

The Divergence people are curious to discover and acquire new knowledge and ways to build the best product and find the best solutions for our customers.

We are also open to collaborate, open to learn, open to challenge and be challenged, and most importantly – open to different perspectives.

We believe in working hard, and working smart. We are proud of the grit we demonstrate and don’t give up easily in face of hardship.

We operate in agile fashion: we build often, deploy often, fix often, and improve often. We believe in adding value to our customers in frequent and incremental fashion.

Our Vision

To enable at-home, easy-to-use neuro care. Leveraging science and technology to enhance self-awareness and brain health for all.

Divergence - Brain Lifting Weights

Our Mission

Divergence equips therapists with a remote, cloud-based neurofeedback platform so they can improve patient outcomes, serve more patients, and amplify their impact. Our platform helps patients improve their mental health by making at-home neurofeedback practice easy, friendly, and consistent.

We Believe

“We are deeply grounded in the belief that applied neuroscience, when combined with cloud, AI, and mobility will bring positive and meaningful advances for mental health care.” – Alex Ni, CEO

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