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Divergence Platform Training

Product training tailored to your practice

Customized Training Intake

We’ll spend up to 30 minutes getting to your know practice in more detail so that we can better understand how you execute neurofeedback training with your clients. We’ll aim to understand your deployment model, which devices you intend to use, who directs protocol development, who reviews session data as well as who communicates directly with your clients.

We’ll then develop a tailored training program that will ensure that you and your team can effectively use Divergence in the context of how you operate your practice. We’ll also recommend additional training courses if you need clinical or neurofeedback training.

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Training Delivery

Over the course of 3 different live, remote training sessions lasting up to an hour each, we’ll walk through the various aspects of the Divergence Platform and how to use it in the context of your clinical operations. You and your team will understand how to manage clients, create and customize protocols, implement neuro assessments, incorporate questionnaires and track your client’s progress over time.

At the completion of these sessions, you’ll have the knowledge you’ll need to operate the software effectively and efficiently. You’ll have the confidence to know that you’re using the tools to their fullest possible capabilities.

Q&A Sessions

We’ve also designed the training program to allow for additional question and answer periods outside of the training sessions mentioned above. We’ll hold 2 separate Q&A sessions of up to 30 minutes each at various times after the training has been delivered.

This approach ensures that your team will have the opportunity to use the system in test and real world scenarios and then ask our experts questions on how to handle these scenarios from a software implementation perspective.

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Pricing is a one-time fee that includes training for up to 5 trainees across 5 sessions totaling up to 4 hours and delivered over the course of one month. Training will be delivered live using remote video conference software. Any applicable taxes are not included.

For more detailed platform and add-on pricing information, including pricing for our various global regions, check out the Pricing page.

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