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The Divergence Neuro Platform for Therapists and Coaches has been designed and developed to better connect you with your clients, reducing the friction involved in executing treatment programs remotely, making it easier to help manage your client’s journey to better brain health.

We partner with leading EEG headset manufacturers to provide your practice and patients with easy-to-use neurofeedback devices.

The future of Neuro Health is here!

The Divergence Neuro Platform comes in two different editions: for Therapists or Coaches. Each edition has been specifically tailored to provide an experience specific to the type of professional you are. 

Neuro Platform for Therapists

As a therapist, you typically need the control and flexibility to create treatment programs tailored specifically to your patient’s needs. So, this platform edition allows you design your own protocols quickly and easily deploy them to your clients. 

Neuro Platform for Coaches

As a Coach, you typically need a streamlined approach to training that allows you to focus on specific areas of the brain while removing the complexity of protocol design. So, this platform edition allows you to tweak and deploy pre-defined protocols for your clients.

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