Major Platform Updates

Great news! We have recently upgraded the platform to make working with your clients easier than ever.

1. Progress Tracking 

We have added progress tracking for every session to indicate the progression of your clients to be charted in a visual and direct way:

Client Progress Chart

With this update, you can easily track how your clients are progressing with each protocol you’ve assigned them; we now show the average amplitude for each relevant frequency band within a protocol. You can also view the longest continuous reward duration within each protocol run (streak) and see how they have progressed in their ability to continually obtain reward. Details also include a quality assessment of each session run based on the amount of noise that was detected.



  • Navigate through key statistics of multiple runs on a session 
  • Easily report on your client’s progress based on quantitative measurements
  • See the quality of each session in a birds-eye view

2. Session Record View 

We have also added some additional metrics into the session history view screen, offering more insight on what happened inside each session: 

In the additional data section you can see the average and max continuous reward duration, the session quality (determined by the amount of noise detected during the session run), and the average clean (not counting noisy epochs) amplitude of each frequency band relevant to the protocol. 

3. Additional Data in TheraQ Report

To enhance analysis capabilities, we have added mean relative amplitude per frequency band to the TheraQ Plus report in the FFT section.

4. Usability Improvements

We have improved the user experience on the client dashboard by allowing you to see each of the sessions in that view:

You will no longer have to click into a particular session record but instead will have a direct view on which session(s) are active and interact with them by clicking on an action widget (“Manage” or “View”) directly from the client screen. You can also navigate to Inactive or Expired sessions to visit records for past sessions that are no longer active. 

This streamlined approach saves you more time when navigating through sessions assigned to a client, and avoids potential confusion.


We have also made the min / max frequency range, as well as reward rate fields full text input fields. This means you can easily type into them now instead of using the arrow keys.

5. Mobile Improvements

We have improved the user experience on the Dive mobile app for a better client experience. 

  • We have put in a floating Help button for clients to easily access new and streamlined help content.
  • We have set the minimum volume level to 10% for YouTube based feedback videos so that even when a client is not getting reward, they can still hear some sound.
  • The BrainBit band wearing instructions have been added to clarify how to correctly wear the band.
  • We’ve fixed the login button accessibility issue for phones with smaller screens.
To check out these wonderful new features, login to your Divergence platform and see for yourself:
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