September 8, 2023 – Toronto

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of a bipolar neurofeedback training support on the Divergence Neuro Platform for Therapists!

Based on popular request from our customers, we’ve added bipolar neurofeedback training. You can now design and deploy bipolar-based neurofeedback protocols for your clients to execute remotely or in the clinic.

What is bipolar neurofeedback?

Bipolar neurofeedback refers to the comparison of electrical signal amplitudes between two different sensor locations to drive audio or visual feedback. Where standard average amplitude training looks at the electrical signal amplitude of one or more sites and takes the average (mean) of those sites, bipolar subtracts the two amplitudes.

Why is this important?

Unlocking the ability for therapists to create and assign bipolar training protocols to their clients, opens up a wider array of mental health concerns that can be addressed using the platform.

Divergence Platform - Create Protocol - Bipolar

Bipolar support is available in the Therapist Web Application as of version 1.29 and the Client Mobile Application as of version 2.4!

In addition to bipolar support, we have also rolled out another much requested feature: client selected feedback responses. This means that clients can now select their desired video feedback experience from a list of therapist curated options.

If you’re not already a Divergence customer, register today and join the future of mental health!

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