November 15, 2023 – Today, a new single channel EEG device has been added to the Divergence platform. The device, called the Callibri, allows for the capture of brainwave signals at any location on an individual’s head!

Callibri Front
Callibri Rear

We are extremely excited to be bringing this new innovation to Divergence customers. We believe that this device provides an excellent price point for individuals and care providers who are focused on single location neurofeedback training. Care providers can now provide a more cost-effective remote neurofeedback training solution for their clients. On top of all of this, the Callibri also ships with an optional baseball cap and a magnet for sensor placement, allowing your clients to train anywhere while looking stylish!

The Callibri is also capable of reading ECG and EMG signals, allowing for additional biofeedback modalities to be added to the Divergence platform in the future!

Order your device today and open up a whole new world of remote neurofeedback possibilities for your practice and your clients!

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