Toronto, ON and Berlin, Germany (November 3, 2021) – Today Divergence Neuro Technologies Inc. (Divergence) and OVID Clinics GmbH i. Gr. (OVID) are announcing that they have entered into a joint collaboration for OVID to pilot Divergence’s cloud-based clinical assessment and neurofeedback software system (the “Divergence Neuro Platform for Therapists”) to provide more robust electronic assessments for their patients. The goal of this collaboration will be to improve data collection and processing and to introduce the neurofeedback treatment modality to the OVID Clinic Berlin as well as to other clinics in the future.

“Working together with Divergence, we now have access to the technology and expertise in the field of neurofeedback and a promising tool for patient journey assessment. With the Platform for Therapists especially developed by Divergence for the necessities of the OVID Clinic, we are looking forward to structuring and prolonging our patient’s journey even more. Utilizing digital interventions, we will focus on further developing the tools crucial to supporting our patients long after they have finished therapy,” said Chief Executive Officer of OVID Health Systems, Henrik Jungaberle.

“We are thrilled to work with OVID Health Systems as we continue our journey to discover novel and exciting ways to improve the relational technology crucial to the therapeutic effectiveness and experience. As a leader in the field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, we are excited to be working with OVID to continually improve our solutions,” said Chief Executive Officer of Divergence, Alex Ni.


About Divergence Neuro Technologies Inc.

Divergence is a Canadian company focused on the research and development of a data-driven, cloud-based neuro platform leveraging EEG-analysis and machine learning to improve assessment technology and enhance the relationship between healthcare providers and individuals.

Divergence’s platform and research enhance clinical and personal mental health assessments by supplementing self-reporting methods with an easy-to-understand, cloud-based EEG software platform, offering individualized neurofeedback protocols driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence combined with therapist interaction.

About OVID Health Systems

OVID is a company providing clinical psychotherapy services to patients and developing psychedelic molecules. OVID’s sub-company OVID Clinics GmbH i. Gr. has a focus notably on psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, and is a pioneer in this field.

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