May 17, 2021 – Today we are very excited to announce that the beta version of the Divergence Neuro Platform is being made available to all pre-registered therapists and clinics!

For months, the teams at Divergence have been working tirelessly to develop a platform for therapists, clinics and researchers to better connect and manage patient and participants. The platform being made available in beta today allows therapists to easily define treatment programs that include a variety of quantitative and qualitative assessments and predefined or custom treatment protocols. A therapist can easily create a new assessment or protocol using simple point-and-click to define questions and answers, choose EEG devices, channels, thresholds and feedback modalities. Also available today are the treatment progress review screens that allow a therapist to easily analyze the EEG and assessment data collected by the patient’s mobile app, making it simple to augment the patient’s treatment program and improve treatment effectiveness.

Treatment and Protocol DesignTreatment Progress Tracking

“We set out with the primary objective of making it much, much simpler for therapists to develop and deploy neurofeedback and neuromeditation based treatment protocols for their patients and today we are a giant leap closer to achieving that goal,” says Alex Ni, CEO of Divergence.

If you are interested in participating in the beta program, please sign up here.

The future of neuro health is almost here!

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