June 25, 2021 – Earlier this morning at the annual International Society for Neuroregulation & Research (ISNR) conference, Divergence Neuro Technologies Inc. launched a new software platform to the world!

The new Divergence Neuro Platform allows therapists to connect better with their patients, allowing the therapist to easily design and deploy qualitative and quantitative assessments as well as neurofeedback and neuromeditation programs and protocols. The software has been designed by experts in the field to make the process of treating an individual using these EEG-based modalities simpler and quicker.

Therapists can invite their clients to the platform, ask them to complete intake assessments or questionnaires, design custom treatment programs that can include any number of assessments and/or neurofeedback protocols and get the resulting data from the patient all in a simple to use cloud-based platform. Gone are the days of complex software needed to manage psychotherapy treatments!

Clients use a simple mobile app for Android or iPhone to answer any intake or recurring assessments or execute any of the treatment programs that their care provider has assigned to them. Neurofeedback and Neuromeditation treatment protocols are executed using one of our integrated partner EEG devices. Remote and home care for mental health has never been so easy!

For more information on how the Divergence Neuro Platform or our partner EEG devices, check out the Product page.

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