September 27, 2022 – Employee wellness matters; so we’ve created a solution for burn out and emotional regulation in the workplace.

Today, at the Future Festival, we launched the Divergence Employee Wellness Pod. Employees can enjoy the pod at work by taking a short neuro break to self-serve and sit for brainwave guided deep relaxation, focus, and calmness.

The training programs have been created by a team of experts to help modulate neurological states towards calmness, focus, mindfulness, and quietness. Science shows that this approach to stimulating the brain improves overall cognitive function, productivity and enhances emotional regulation.

Join us in helping your employees become less stressed and more productive!

Divergence Employee Wellness Pod - Woman Focusing

Would you like to learn more about the Divergence Employee Wellness Pod or are you interested in doing a proof of concept project in your office? Use the form below to reach out to us and someone will be in contact shortly.

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