Sergio R. Pérez Rosal
Sergio R. Pérez Rosal, MD, NMI-I

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Sergio R. Pérez Rosal, (MD) has been appointed Special Advisor of Clinical and Scientific Research Affairs, providing expertise on the scientific research, clinical protocol design, and pharmacological guidance. 

Dr. Pérez works as a medical doctor at OVID Clinic Berlin and as MIND Academy director at the MIND Foundation. He is also a certified Beyond Experience Facilitator. Currently, Dr. Pérez is training in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. Being located in Berlin, Dr. Pérez is part of an experienced team of psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and anesthesiologists that offers psychotherapy augmented by ketamine and other methods such as stroboscopic light induction (Lucia Nr. 03), EEG NeuroMeditation, and integration psychotherapy.

In the emerging field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, Dr. Pérez thinks it is necessary to standardize procedures and educate professionals and the general public in a scientific and secular way to create a safe environment and legal framework for therapy and human development.

Dr. Pérez will be consulting on the research, development, and implementation of EEG-based, machine-learning powered predictive biomarker systems. In addition, Dr. Pérez will inform the Company of best practices for design and implementation of clinical studies as they relate to the company’s research program, while informing pharmacological and neurological properties of different substances aimed at improving effectiveness of treatment for a number of different mental disorders.

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Pérez aboard our team as we continue our journey to discover novel and exciting ways to improve the relational technology crucial to the therapeutic effectiveness and experience. Dr. Pérez brings a wealth of industry knowledge and personal experience to Divergence and deeply understands the importance of a robust scientific approach to our future product development. We are excited to be working with him to continually improve our processes and products,” said Chief Executive Officer, Alex Ni.