January 13, 2023 – Toronto, Ontario

Divergence Neuro Technologies Inc. (“Divergence” or the “Company”), a Toronto-based company focused on the research and development of a data-driven, cloud-based neuro platform leveraging advanced neuropsychology and machine learning to improve mental health, is pleased to announce the appointment of highly accomplished clinical psychologist, community mental health leader, trainer and educator Dr. Nathan Brown to the role of Chief Clinical Advisor.

Dr. Nathan Brown comes to Divergence with over 35 years of experience in the fields of clinical, organizational, and community mental health practice. He received his doctorate at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, where his research and clinical experience with the fields of biofeedback and neurofeedback began. Dr. Brown’s clinical training and experience is diverse, including training in assessment at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center and doctoral internships at the Los Angeles County Department of Occupational Health and the Veteran’s Medical Center in Sepulveda, California.

In addition to training and experience in biofeedback and neurofeedback, Dr. Brown has specialized expertise in assessment and psychometrics, health psychology, geropsychology, and prevention-oriented community psychology. He has held academic posts at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology and Seattle Pacific University, where he served as Dean and Associate Professor.

Dr. Nathan Brown

In his role as the Chief Clinical Advisor, Dr. Brown will be guiding the Divergence team in continuing the research, development, and testing of new and powerful features to further improve the user experience and functionality of our clinical neurofeedback platform, while providing his expertise on the scientific research, clinical protocol design, and clinical training of neurotherapy as a whole.

“I am enthusiastic about the new opportunities Divergence is creating for clinicians to expand and to deepen the biopsychosocial core of their work, and I am looking forward to sharing these opportunities with my colleagues in the health and wellness professions.” said Dr. Brown in a comment about his new role with Divergence.

Divergence CEO Alex Ni issued the following statement on Dr. Brown’s appointment: “We are very excited to have such a senior expert in the field of neurotherapy in Dr. Brown on our team leading the efforts on research, clinical product development, and training. Dr. Brown’s experience, energy and enthusiasm are unparalleled in this field. We are very happy for our customers and partners that we are able to leverage his vast experience and strengths to help serve them even better!”