January 4, 2022 – Today Divergence Neuro Technologies and the NeuroMeditation Institute (NMI) are excited to announce that they have joined forces to make standard treatment and training protocols available to neurofeedback therapists and coaches.

For years, the NMI has been dedicated to helping people access the benefits of meditation in the most effective and efficient ways possible through classes, professional training, and technology assistance. Through this work the NMI has developed a series of NeuroMeditation protocols that help your clients achieve their objectives.

These tried and true methods developed by the NMI have now been standardized for use on the Divergence Neuro Platform for Therapists and Coaches. Adapted to work with the devices integrated with the platform, the protocols are ready for any therapist or coach to deploy to their patients and clients. In addition, the Quiet Mind – Alpha protocol has been made available for everyone on the platform to use free of charge!

“With the NeuroMeditation protocols becoming available on the Divergence Neuro Platform, anyone interested in combining neurofeedback with meditation can access all five styles of NeuroMeditation in a way that is user friendly and effective. This is truly a dream come true!” said Jeff Tarrant, Ph.D., Director and Founder of the NMI.

“Today marks an exciting day in neuro health as the NMI and Divergence bring a comprehensive suite of specially crafted NeuroMeditation protocols to the Divergence Neuro Platform. Therapists and coaches using our platform can now subscribe to and deploy time tested protocols, taking the guess work and effort out of defining the right protocol for neurofeedback treatment and training,” said Alex Ni, CEO of Divergence.

Therapists and coaches can add the remaining suite of NMI protocols to their monthly platform subscription for a small additional fee.

Register today to start taking advantage of this exciting innovation in neuro health!

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