The Divergence Neuro Platform for Therapists

The Divergence Neuro Platform for Therapists has been designed and developed to better connect you, the therapist, with your patients, reducing the friction involved in executing treatment programs remotely, making it easy to provide and manage the patient’s journey to wellness.

We partner with leading EEG headset manufacturers to provide your practice and patients with easy-to-use neurofeedback devices.

The future of Neuro Health is here!

Therapist Using Web App - Protocol Design

Quantum University Alumni Offer

We've created a special offer just for you! Be sure to use promo code: QuantumU1023 when you register with us and our partners!

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30-day free trial of Divergence

This special promotion, offered only to Quantum University alumni, is valid until December 31, 2023 and gets you a variety of discounts and perks!

You’ll receive a free 30-day trial when you register a new account with Divergence and select the Therapist Starter Tier as your base software subscription! You’ll also receive a free 30-day trial on our TheraQ Plus and TrueBearing Protocols add-ons. Simply add each of these options to your account during the registration and payment process and you’ll automatically receive the free trial.

10% off a BrainBit Flex Rental

At Divergence, we offer a variety of different options for brainwave measurement devices through our hardware partners. We’ve selected devices with excellent signal quality, great durability and that are simple to use for both you and your clients. Among the most versatile devices in our current partner portfolio is the Flex device from BrainBit. This device allows you to place 4 sensors anywhere on the 10-20 system, is compatible with all our partner protocols and allow you to run a TheraQ neuro assessment in less than 5 minutes. It is the best way to see what Divergence can do for you and your clients!

Our special Quantum University alumni offer also gets you 10% off the rental of a BrainBit Flex device!

You can use the button below to rent a Flex. Be sure to enter promo code QuantumU1023 as you’re placing your order with BrainBit!

Client with BrainBit Flex
Dr Brown on Chair Speaking with Fellow Clinician

10% off the TrueBearing Fastlane training program

TrueBearing Academy has designed an online, self-paced training course that takes you through the theory and science behind the TrueBearing Method. Dr. Nathan Brown uses real examples from the Divergence Platform, making it simple for you to follow along, get the right protocols deployed to your clients and learn how to interpret the results in no time.

As a Quantum University alumni, you’ll get 10% off the one-time purchase price of the Fastlane training program!

You can purchase the TrueBearing Fastlane training program during the registration and payment process for the Divergence platform. Be sure to add Fastlane to your cart and apply the QuantumU1023 promo code before completing your payment!

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