Thinking about expanding your practice to include neurofeedback? Perhaps you offer neurofeedback, but you’re looking for a way to increase the number of sessions per week your customers can do by providing a more flexible remote option?

Trying out new software and adding a new service to your practice can seem daunting: how do you ensure that you are prepared to try out the software and fit a new service into your practice? There are a lot of questions, which can create a lot of uncertainty about getting started.

This blog series covers three key topics to consider when thinking about adding remote neurofeedback to your practice:

Why Offer Neurofeedback?

This first post reviews the benefits of neurofeedback for well-suited clients as well as the benefits to your practice.

Keys to Success

In our second post, we describe five keys to success designed to help you get ready to use neurofeedback software and prepare your practice for it.

Creating a Remote Neurofeedback Program

Our final post will detail how to run a remote or partially-remote neurofeedback program and how to create a program that runs smoothly for you and your clients.

Join us through this blog series to see that, with guidance and planning, you can have a remote neurofeedback program up and running in no time.

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Why Offer Neurofeedback?

It’s no secret that mental health concerns are on the rise. More awareness of mental health issues affecting people along with the uncertainties created by a worldwide pandemic, has increased the number of people seeking to improve their mental health and well-being. Individuals are better-informed and want a solution that’s scientifically backed, flexible, personalized, and affordable with objective results.

At the same time, therapists and clinicians find it hard to fit new clients into their existing practice and to keep up with the rapidly increasing demand.

Treatment for many behavioral conditions has primarily been pharmacological, which in of itself carries risks and side effects. Many studies show that psychosocial therapies combined with psychotropic medications have better outcomes than medications alone. Yet large portions of the population are not adequately able to access affordable behavioral and mental health services, with recent research indicating that reimbursement for behavioral services represents only 4.4% of total medical spending (Davenport et al., 2020).

In the past, offering neurofeedback has been difficult. Care providers were limited to using archaic systems that require a substantial investment to purchase and learn. These systems limited them to working almost exclusively in the clinic. In addition, clunky, expensive EEG devices that require gel are an added inconvenience for clients and make it difficult to impossible for these systems to be used at home.

Remote neurofeedback makes it easy and cost-effective for care providers to get started and is simple for clients to use by partnering a user-friendly mobile app with modern, dry, wireless EEG headsets that can be used at home. This approach also enables providers to be able to amplify their impact by serving more people in a way that is sustainable and cost-effective.

The Benefit to Your Clients

Evidence-based Treatment

Neurofeedback (NFB) is an evidence-based treatment that can substantially improve the mental health of those that suffer from anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma, addiction, and other mental health concerns.

It uses the operant-conditioning principle to guide the brain to spend more time in regulated states by rewarding it with pleasant and desirable auditory and visual stimuli (called “feedback”) when the EEG signal from the user’s brain suggests that they are in a specifically desirable mental state.

Regular neurofeedback based training has proven to be efficacious in terms of improving attentiveness, reducing anxiety, and improving emotional stability after weeks of application. EEG-based brain state detection also provides important scientific evidence to help providers track the progression of a treatment in an evidence-based, personalized manner. This approach is far more specific and reliable than interventions and measurements solely based on talk therapy and qualitative questionnaires. Compared to pharmacological treatments, there is very minimal risk or side-effects with neurofeedback.

Easy & Flexible for Your Clients

Therapist Working with Patient - Crown and Laptop

Remote NFB makes it easy for clients to get the most from NFB protocols because they can use it as needed at home. It removes the need for your client to fit an appointment into an already busy schedule, just to do one protocol in the clinic.

The ease of accessing protocols combined with the flexibility to run them when and where works for their schedule helps to build a new habit faster and reduces the amount of time to see results.

Cost-effective Treatments

You can make your NFB programs cost-effective and affordable for your clients, removing another barrier for them.

You don’t need to come up with tens of thousands of dollars to start your NFB program. At-home EEG devices range in price from $500 USD to $1,000 USD, and software subscriptions have options and tiers that allow you to start small and grow with your client base. As the number of clients increases, the cost per client decreases.

The Benefit to Your Practice

Help More Clients Without Working Extra Hours

Offering remote NFB allows you to see more clients without increasing appointments as they can run their protocols on their own time. You can review the results of NFB protocols quickly to monitor your clients’ progress and make adjustments as required.

With Live Sessions, you can view your client’s protocol-run in real-time and make adjustments to it on the fly in an in-person appointment or via video call.

You can configure your NFB program to be fully remote or partially remote based on what’s best for you and your clients.

Increase Revenue Quickly

Recently, one of our customers created a new NFB program and launched it, resulting in a monthly profit margin on the service of over 60% in six months. You can download the case study here.

You are not on your own: we have resources to help you develop and administer your NFB program, training with partners to go deeper into NFB protocols, and resources to help your clients get up and running quickly.

Preparation is Key

It’s clear that evidence backs the efficacy of NFB and it fills a much-needed gap in the treatment of mental health concerns. It’s much easier to start offering NFB now that you don’t need to invest tens of thousands of dollars, which allows you to offer a cost-effective solution to clients.

Our next post, Keys to Success, describes how to get the most from your remote neurofeedback software with the least amount of set-up time. Check back soon for this next post in this series.

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Learn about our Therapist subscription, Coach subscription, and the NeuroMeditation Institute Protocols available on our platform.

Still have questions? You can request a demo to see the platform in action and get your questions answered.

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