NeuroVerge Webinar Series - Part 4

Introduction to TheraQ Assessments

Took Place: June 15, 2023 @ 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT

Dr. Nathan Brown

by Nathan Brown, PhD, Senior Clinical Advisor

Just as in any other healthcare discipline, neurotherapy requires developing evidence-based skills in assessment. Becoming familiar with reliable assessment tools on which to base treatment strategy and to measure progress is the bedrock on which effective neurotherapy is based.

In order to provide neurotherapists with these key tools, Divergence has recently introduced several new capabilities, including an evidence-based assessment tool known as TheraQ, as well as an integrated suite of questionnaires to track symptomatic progress.

This webinar was an introduction to TheraQ assessments, its conceptual framework, clinical application, and key features. In addition to offering TheraQ as a means of measuring latent traits in the brain, Divergence has also launched a companion suite of commonly used questionnaires designed to track progress in expressed traits (or presenting problems) over the course of training. Several examples of TheraQ assessments, tracking questionnaire summaries and their interpretation will be presented.

Nathan Brown, PhD, Senior Clinical Advisor for Divergence Neuro, went through a 60-minute exploration of TheraQ, our integrated suite of progress questionnaires, and their use in the practice of neurotherapy. Dr. Brown presented case examples and suggested next steps for those interested in learning more. Whether you are currently a neurofeedback practitioner or not, insight into these tools can powerfully inform your approach to your clinical work—and improve outcomes for your patients.

This webinar was the fourth in a continuing series offered by Dr. Brown for Divergence Neuro.

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