NeuroVerge Webinar Series - Part 3

Neurofeedback and models of psychotherapy: depression

Took Place: May 18, 2023 @ 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT

Dr. Nathan Brown

by Nathan Brown, PhD, Senior Clinical Advisor

Depression is one of the most frequently encountered presenting problems in mental health practice, not to mention in healthcare settings as a whole. In fact, the prevalence of depression has risen over 25% in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need for more effective treatment strategies has never been greater.

If you’re like most clinicians, you probably rely on contemporary psychotherapeutic models that are generally effective with your depressed patients—but perhaps not in every case. In cases of treatment-resistant depression, do you ever wonder if there is more you could offer your patients?

Neurotherapy offers an evidence-based approach to depression that does not replace your current treatment model but enhances it with a clinical approach that is rooted in established research insights into brain functionality. Neurotherapy offers a way to assess and treat the specific forms of brain dysregulation that frequently underlie depression.

If you are a clinician seeking a strategy to address depression that complements your current services, this webinar is designed for you.

Nathan Brown, PhD, Senior Clinical Advisor for Divergence Neuro, went through a 60-minute exploration of emerging neurofeedback applications and their use in the treatment of depression. Building on empirically-based research into the distinctive brain patterns that typically underlie depression, Dr. Brown will present specific neurotherapeutic techniques and explore their relationship to the psychotherapeutic process. Whether you are a neurofeedback practitioner at this time or not, these insights can powerfully inform your approach to your clinical work—and improve outcomes for your patients.

This webinar was the third in a continuing series offered by Dr. Brown for Divergence Neuro.

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