NeuroVerge Webinar Series - Part 10

Neurofeedback and Attention-related Concerns

Took Place: February 15, 2024 @ 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT

Dr. Nathan Brown

by Nathan Brown, PhD, Senior Clinical Advisor

For decades the number of children and adults who struggle with attention and concentration issues has risen to epidemic proportions. Last year, estimates of the worldwide prevalence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) among children ranged from 5-7% worldwide and 2-7% among adults. In the U.S., some estimates exceed a 10% prevalence rate. Clearly, attention and related problems are increasingly serious issues.
As healthcare practitioners, we must pay closer attention to attention. In this episode of NeuroVerge, we will explore these questions:

  • What exactly is ADHD?
  • Can attentional problems play a role in other mental health issues facing our clients?
  • Are there distinctive EEG patterns that underlie attention problems?
  • What can neurofeedback offer as a treatment alternative for attention and related problems?
  • Are there specific neurofeedback protocols that target these concerns?

Based on a brain-centered view of attentional phenomena, we will consider specific latent traits in the brain that underlie attention issues, and specific protocols that can be deployed for treatment. Whether you are an experienced neurotherapist, neurofeedback-curious, or simply a healthcare practitioner seeking tools to raise your game, you will find practical information in this webinar that you can apply in your practice.

Nathan Brown, PhD, Senior Clinical Advisor for Divergence Neuro and founder of TrueBearing Academy, completed a 60-minute guide to the current evidence for the efficacy of neurofeedback for the treatment of attention- and concentration-related conditions. Dr. Brown present ed a concise overview of the distinct forms of attention and concentrational dysfunction, inform your clinical and consulting work– and improve outcomes for your patients and clients– regardless of your specialty.

Whether you have been a practicing neurotherapist for years or you’re new to the field, don’t miss this webinar, in which Dr. Brown introduced you to the empirical evidence and strategies for the use of neurofeedback in ADHD and related conditions.

This webinar is part of a continuing series offered by Dr. Brown on behalf of Divergence Neuro and in partnership with TrueBearing Academy.

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