Marketing Bootcamp Webinar Series

Exercise 1: Stretch - how to get started with marketing your practice

Took Place: May 4, 2023 @ 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT

Laurie Geenen

by Laurie Geenen, Director, Customer Success

We know that creating and executing a Marketing Plan can be an overwhelming ongoing program. At Divergence we succeed when you succeed, so we’ve launched a brand new webinar series designed specifically to cover the basics of how to get such a program off the ground.

In Exercise 1, we covered the basics of where to start; we discussed how to plan your offerings, how to go about pricing them, what considerations you should make about your web presence, as well as how to address social media accounts. We also collected information about what people would like us to dive into next; the top result will be covered in the next Exercise!

This webinar was the first in a continuing series offered by Laurie Geenen.

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