Neuro Platform for Therapists

The Divergence Neuro Platform for Therapists

Protocol Design

Treatment and Protocol Design

Gone are the days of complicated software needed to design and deploy individualized treatment programs and protocols!

The Divergence Neuro Platform allows you, the therapist, to easily define treatment sessions that include a variety of quantitative and qualitative assessments (questionnaires) and predefined or custom treatment protocols. Choose from a library of existing assessments and protocols or easily create them using simple point-and-click to define questions and answers, choose EEG devices, channels, thresholds and feedback modalities.

Divergence Mobile App

Mobile Application

The Divergence iPhone and Android native mobile apps for patients allows them to access the treatment programs that you have assigned to them. It guides them through connecting to and using a wireless EEG device and executes the neurofeedback or neuromeditation protocols you have assigned to them. It will also use notifications to remind them to complete health assessments and treatment sessions so that you can check in with their progress periodically.

Getting your patients to complete their therapy homework has never been so easy!

Divergence Mobile App
EEG Visualization

Treatment Progress Tracking and Analytics

All of the assessment responses and EEG data collected using the Dive mobile app is stored in our HIPAA compliant cloud and is made available to you in an easy to understand dashboard. High level treatment progress statistics, detailed EEG data, assessment answer trends and more are available at your fingertips to easily analyze patient progress. 

The dashboard gives you the tools you need to quickly and easily make treatment program adjustments to improve overall treatment effectiveness. 

Live Session - EEG

Live EEG Streaming

Treating your patients remotely has never been so easy!

With Live EEG Streaming, you can join any in progress treatment session from anywhere in the world. Simply find your patient and click the Join button to begin monitoring their session.

The system will stream the live EEG to your browser so that you can help guide your patient through the treatment program. You can even manually adjust their success thresholds on the fly!

We give you the freedom to treat and guide your patients remotely, from anywhere.

Live Session - EEG

EEG Device Partners

We have partnered with leading EEG device manufacturers to provide a complete end-to-end solution for you and your patients.

Connect one of our partner devices to the mobile app and platform to enable at-home neurofeedback and neuromeditation protocol execution. The app will stream EEG data to the Divergence cloud for therapist review and analysis.


The Divergence Neuro Platform is available to therapists on a subscription basis. We offer three plans depending on the size of your neurofeedback practice.


USD $100/month

The starter plan is designed for therapists who are just getting started with Neurofeedback. It allows you to have up to 5 active patients using the platform at any given time.


USD $260/month

The Pro plan is designed for more established therapists who need to be able to support up to 15 active patients at a time.


USD $400/month

The Clinic plan is designed for larger clinics with multiple therapists and allows up to 30 active clients to use the system at any given time.

Don’t see a plan that is right for you? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs.

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